LAPA Ltd. is a Dutch venture established in Riga in 1991. Our aim is to supply world first class shipping companies with crews from the Baltic States, Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. LAPA Ltd. provides crews for all types of vessels in compliance with the ITF standard of contracts.
We also offer specialists/experts for Ship Management & Technical Management industry.

How the company works?


LAPA Ltd. has been licensed by the Latvian Maritime authorities as a crewing agent Training Centre.
LAPA Ltd. has facilities, equipment and manpower to meet the requirements of our clients and provide the best quality services to them. We supply our clients with seafarers able to work in multinational crews.
At present about 150 ships are manned by LAPA Ltd. where our seafarers are working in different setup – individually, SMT, officers compliment, full crew. We have signed contracts with about 1300 seafarers. There are approximately 630 seafarers working at sea while the rest are on leave.
Crewing, communication and control are supported by powerful software. The Company utilises a specially designed computer system. The necessary information concerning each person employed is constantly updated and registered.
We are ready to supply you with highly experienced and well-trained seafarers.

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