Computer-based Training (CBT) Library

As computers are becoming more available and user friendly, the areas of application are becoming more diversified and varied. One such area is the application of personal computer systems for training purposes. In this way shipping companies, training institutes and seafarers can conduct training sessions at any suitable time irrespective of the presence of a teacher or instructor.

The Onboard Library consists of various independent training modules that can be grouped together to form different types of maritime training programmes. The onboard Library is highly interactive and gives the trainee freedom to navigate through the programme at his or her speed.

The learning objectives are clearly stated, and the trainee can immediately receive feedback on his progress by answering questions during the programme.The Onboard Library has primary been developed to meet the minimum requirements of training as stated in STCW 78/95. The purpose of the Onboard Library is to raise participant’s skills to the minimum basic competence level of seafarers.

SEAGULL Onboard Library

The Onboard Library consists of various CD-ROM discs, one module on each disc.
The Onboard Library standard training modules included in this Library is comprised of the various CBT discs/titles.